What you need

Panama is hot all year round, so you will need plenty of water as you will sweat during the mornings birding on Pipeline Road.  Also food/snacks should be brought to sustain you throughout the day.

As well as being hot, Panama can also be very wet – it is the fourth wettest country in the world.  If birding in the wet season, it may be wise to have something waterproof in your bags should you be caught out in one of the frequent monsoons.

A general level of fitness is required – we will walk a few kilometers along Pipeline Road and return along the same route.  The track is fairly flat but can be uneven and sticky in the rainy season.

It is recommended that you have your own pair of binoculars – our guide can share his with you, but you will have a much more enjoyable and fruitful birdwatching experience if you can be independent.  More eyes are always better when out birding!

Strong walking boots are required in the dry season, and waterproof rubber boots may be advisable in the rainy season.  Either way you will require comfortable supportive footwear which you are willing to get wet/muddy (no trainers please!).

Trousers covering your entire legs will reduce the risk of mosquito/insect bites and give protection from any scratching/spiney plants.  Long sleeves could also useful to combat jungle insects.  Darker/plain coloured clothes are always advised to ensure that you see as much wildlife as possible.

Be prepared for a full mornings birding, we can be out for 6 hours + and there are no facilities in the jungle!  Sufficient food and water is paramount.

A photo of a Golden-collared Manakin whilst birdwatching on Pipeline Road, Panama
Golden-collared Manakain – Pipeline Road, Panama