Rarities of Old Gamboa Road – 13/01/19

Great tour of Old Gamboa Road yesterday with a total of 55 bird species recorded in the morning and some fantastic views of some less-common birds.  The breeding Boat-billed Herons were very active at Summit Ponds from first light, with a pair and their chick perching and flying around the margins. Later in the day the rare Agami Heron was also spotted sunning itself over the pond.  A pair of Spectacled Owls were then found perching low next to the trail – a rare sighting in daylight hours.  Brief glimpses of the elusive Slate-colored Seedeater later in the morning completed a fantastic short hike on Old Gamboa Road.

Spectacled Owl
One of a pair of Spectacled Owls perched low-down in the shaded understory.


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