Old Gamboa Road

We had a productive stop early this morning at the Old Gamboa Road ponds.  Notable records included Muscovy Duck, three species of Kingfisher and a total of six heron species including the Boat-billed Heron.  This crepuscular and nocturnal species has a huge blunt bill which is highly sensitive and can be used to ‘scoop’ prey such as crustaceans and small fish from the water column.  The Boat-billed Heron also has large eyes to help with hunting in low-light conditions and far shorter legs than most birds in this family (Ardeidae).

A photo of a Green Kingfisher, seen whilst birdwatching at Old Gamboa Road, Panama
A Green Kingfisher chooses a hunting perch over the Old Gamboa Road Ponds
A photo of a Boat-billed heron, seen whilst on a bird tour of Old Gamboa Road, Panama
A Boat-billed Heron prepares to rest for the day following a night of foraging

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