Army ant swarm – 10/11/17

Lots of activity in the understory today with a large army ant swarm forming near the start of Pipeline Road.  These events attract numerous species of birds which become engrossed in feeding and can be approached/observed from very close quarters.  Todays swarm attracted grey-headed tanagers, red-throated ant tanagers, bicolored antbirds, spotted antbirds, western-slaty antshrikes and several species of woodcreeper.  Army ant swarms also attract a host of species which do not directly feed on ants, but follow the swarms in the hope of capturing any insects which escape the ants.  Both blue-crowned and broad-billed motmots were observed today benefitting from the insects flushed from the jungle floor.

A photo of Broad-billed Motmots, birding Pipeline Road Panama
Broad-billed Motmots cue-up for insects escaping the ant-swarm

Other (more photogenic) highlights from todays birdwatching include Golden-collared manakin, Gray Hawk and Collared Aracari.

A photo of a Golden-collared Manakin whilst birdwatching on Pipeline Road Panama
A male Golden-collared Manakin awaits a female
A photo of a Collared Aracari, birding Pipeline Road Panama
A Collared Aracari perches above Pipeline Road, Panama


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