A good mornings birding with 48 species seen in total on Pipeline Road.  Highlights today were the red-capped manakin, a lone Gray hawk and very close views of a family of Gray-cowled Wood-Rail.  The birds were however overshadowed by the mammals.  There were several troops of both Howler and Capuchin Monkeys feeding close to the ground.  A large family group of Coati were also observed descending from the trees directly above the trail.  Pipeline Road saved the best to last though with a very close (if brief) encounter with a large (probably male) Ocelot!  We disturbed the cat on our return walk and it ran across the trail 10m in front of us before disappearing into the undergrowth.  This is our first daytime sighting of Ocelot on Pipeline Road and we’re hoping it’s the first of many!

A photo of Gray-cowled Wood-Rails on Pipeline Road Panama
A family of foraging Gray-cowled Wood-Rails – Pipeline Road Panama
A photo of a Gray Hawk near Pipeline Road, Panama
A Gray Hawk percehes high over the jungle near Pipleine Road, Panama


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